The Paroli System – famous strategy that applies to roulette

The Paroli system is a method of play vboss18 casino for aggressive players, so if you are conservative players we do not recommend it and even less we want to convince you to become a breakthrough center forward, so stay on and play defense.

Online Gambling: 15 Facts You Should Know (but Probably Don't)Even this system considers simple chances as a bet ( for those who do not yet know what the rules of roulette have gone to ) and this too, like that of Labouchere , is a betting system and does not recommend a strategy of how to place bets and what to choose, but only how to behave when you win or lose.

The assumption, the event, the condition ( in short, call it what you want ) to proceed using Paroli is that the first bet is won , because it is after the first bet that the game starts to get exciting and you start dancing. If the first bet is lost, no Paroli method is applied.

To understand this thoroughly, think of a very aggressive player who bets to win 3 times consecutively , thus starting to play 1 piece, winning if he takes home 2, re-bets them all, winning if he takes home 4 and re-bets them all in a way 8 pieces to be won, starting with 1 only. Having reached this goal, he restarts from 1 piece, if he wins he continues, if he loses he bets again 1 piece until he wins. Obviously the strategy is very risky, but if he manages to take the first 3 winnings, understand that he has made a nice free bankroll to further increase, because it starts from the single unit and takes home a nice win.

The Paroli system works exactly in this way, even if originally it is even more aggressive because the first piece is $ 25:

  • bet $ 25, you win $ 50;
  • wager $ 75, you win $ 150;
  • bet $ 150, you win a total of $ 300.

online casinos | MUDASThe beauty is that then you can go back to betting for example $ 100 and there are still $ 200 left, in short, you started from $ 25 and if you have a good $ 300, it is almost like betting on a horse and taking it immediately (net winnings of 17 pieces) unlike that it is played on bets with about 50% probability while the horse has a winning percentage of 5.41%.

For those interested in using Paroli it is very important to think about the bankroll available, because an account is to have $ 100 or $ 200 of bankroll and an account is to have $ 1,000. $ 1,000 is more recommended for land-based casinos because simple roulette chances in casinos cost a lot, while $ 100 or $ 200 is more than enough in online roulette in

So with a bankroll of $ 1,000 you can use chips of $ 25 and why not apply a double Paroli. If you have $ 100 available, the $ 5 piece is fine, while if you prefer to play $ 1 at a time then even $ 50 of bankroll is sufficient.